Episode 40

Published on:

25th Sep, 2023

Episode 39

Published on:

18th Sep, 2023

Episode 38

Published on:

4th Sep, 2023

Episode 37

Published on:

1st Sep, 2023

Episode 36

Published on:

31st Aug, 2023

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About the Podcast

Kupo Quest
Final Fantasy / D&D Actual Play
D&D 5e Actual Play set in the homebrew world of Fantasia, a setting inspired by Final Fantasy!

About your host

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Eric Westfall

Podcaster Name: Wolfkinz

Favorite Final Fantasy: FFVIII
Favorite Character: Squall
Favorite Job: Red Mage
Favorite Airship: Ragnarok

I have been a fan of the series since FFVII in 1997. I have completed most of the numbered titles including both MMOs. I do not fancy myself a content creator as this is my first attempt at podcasting, but I am a huge fan and hopefully can provide you with a little entertainment. I am currently playing FFXIV as a Red Mage on Leviathan.